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Here at Longwood Christian Academy and Preschool, God’s word is the foundation for our mission and the source of our philosophy of education. His truth governs what we do and why we do it. Our philosophy begins with the belief that our precious children are a blessing from God, and as such, we are to train them in the ways of God.  


Preschool Programs


Longwood Christian Academy and Preschool offers a warm, nurturing, and safe environment to encourage reaching developmentally appropriate milestones. Our goal is to create a trusting and consistent relationship with our infants and their families. Our daily routine is centered around developing gross and fine motor skills, early literacy, musical exposure, and socialization.

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Our toddler classroom focuses on socialization, shapes, colors, music, and lots of movement. We encourage children in their development by guiding them through sharing with their peers, picking up toys, washing their hands, and other important skills that help them transition into curious little toddlers. Learning is promoted through sensory activities, circle time, songs, and art.


The Terrific Twos have increased their independence and are ready to participate in a child and teacher-led classroom setting. This classroom is very active, curious, and excited to learn new things. We provide a play-learning environment that makes learning fun and inviting. This stage is when we get to encourage them in side-by-side play with other children, empathizing with their peers, and using words to communicate their needs and frustrations. 

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Our three-year-old students are excited to engage in circle time, learning letters and sounds, counting, sorting, and increasing their ability to master their art projects. Their independence is increasing as they take ownership of their classroom and learn to work with their peers. We encourage the students to advance their social skills through group centers, group games, and playground time.

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Our Prek students focus on intellectual, physical (gross and fine motor), and social-emotional development to prepare them for VPK. We incorporate structure, and routines, and encourage ownership to help students develop school behaviors to support a positive learning environment.


We offer both full-day and half-day VPK classrooms. Students will engage in play-learning and instructional time, allowing students to enter Kindergarten with confidence. Students will begin emergent reading and writing, mathematical thinking, and scientific inquiry. We encourage students to learn through creative expression of the arts, including sensory art experiments, music, creative movement, and imaginative and creative play

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Child Safety 

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Please visit Florida's Division of Early Learning for parent resources, School Readiness applications, and VPK vouchers. 

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