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We choose to keep Christ at the center of all that we do. – 1Chorinthians 6:19-20

We celebrate that we are Fearfully & Wonderfully made. – Psalm 139:13-16

We will Love and show Grace to our neighbors just as Christ showed us. – Matthew 22:34-40

We strive to do the best that we can in all pursuits. – Colassians 3:17



Longwood Christian Academy & Preschool uses Bob Jones as our basic curriculums: this includes phonics, language, reading, spelling, writing, math, and, most importantly, the Bible. We further incorporate a wide range of children’s literature to develop language, reading, writing and arithmetic skills and knowledge, along with special classes in art, Spanish, music, computer education, & physical education. Textbooks and literature further the youngster’s abilities in science, social studies, art, music, drama, and study of the Bible. God’s many gifts and graces are revealed for our students in every subject matter and activity as they point to the sovereignty of God.


Chapel services are scheduled every Monday, for 30 minutes. Students participate in a time of Worship to the Lord through song and dance. Following  worship, Pastor Scott teaches the students a Bible Lesson as well as a story of an over-seas missionary. This is an important part of the week, we want our students to begin their week by learning about God and the values we should uphold throughout the school day as well as our lives.



All children participate in a Christmas program and Spring Concert directed by our Music Director that is held in the church sanctuary. We encourage families to attend both celebrations in honoring the birth and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In addition, we will also hold several other small events throughout the year. Information for these events will be provided as the dates approach.

There are many things in life worth celebrating and many of them center on holidays and birthdays. Teachers plan classroom parties for, Christmas and Valentine's Day. The school also hosts events including, but not limited to, a Hispanic heritage celebration, Thanksgiving feast, and a Living Wax Museum to celebrate Black History Month, as well as Field Day to celebrate the end of the school year. Parents will be notified of such school activities and are encouraged to provide supplies. All food items that are to be distributed must be store-bought and unopened.

Special Events

100th day of school 1st grade.jpg

Field Trips

Longwood Christian Academy provides a safe learning environment even outside of the classroom! We have many On-Campus Field Trips as well as a few Off-Campus Field Trips. These activities are designed to be exciting experience for all students to learn as well as create memories with those around them. Field Trips are one of many things that are included in our Annual Tuition price.

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Longwood Christian Academy offers free
in-house tutoring when available for students that require additional help. If a child’s teacher feels that they will benefit from this amenity, parents will be notified and a meeting may be scheduled to discuss a learning plan for the student in question.

Parent Involvement

The family of each student is expected to be involved in the educational process of their child through parent/teacher meetings (PTMs), and attendance at special classroom activities and performances. All visits must be approved by the office. If a parent’s schedule does allow the giving of their time then there are several ways that one can be involved in their child’s school program, including a formalized Room Parent Program. Information regarding volunteer opportunities is given separately.

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